• on September 6, 2017

Social Justice and the Christian Faith

Written by: Pastor Dr. Geoffory V. Guns


Second Calvary has always been a civically minded congregation. We have held numerous forums focusing on social justice. Some of the most prominent civic and academic leaders in our city have been a part of the panels. The goal has been to have a conversation/dialogue about the issues that confront our city and ways that we (SCBC) can partner with them to solve some of the problems that plague our community. We seek to be a channel through whom the Holy Spirit works.

“SCBC seeks to be a channel through whom the Holy Spirit works.”

Pastor Guns

When you look across America one sees a nation whose people are plagued with a host of social, economic, political, and personal problems. Broken and dysfunctional families fill our communities and churches, financial hardships
caused by unemployment and underemployment; violent neighborhoods where murders and assaults are common and on and on go the concerns. Across the globe, the problems are multitudinous and seemingly without any solutions. One could almost resign themselves to total despair and conclude that there is nothing that can be done. Well, we reject the notion that life’s problems are so great that it is futile to even conceive of trying to offer solutions. The gospel has the power of transformation.

In 587 B.C. the city of Jerusalem was overrun and destroyed by the Babylonians (see 2 Kings 24). Tens of thousands of Judeans were carried away to Babylon where they lived between 50–70 years. The people were devastated
because they did not think that it was even possible for the people of God to be conquered, let alone marched more than 800 miles. The Lord God spoke through the prophet Jeremiah to encourage the people to seek the welfare of the city where they going because in its welfare or peace they too would find peace (see Jeremiah 29:7). We are coming together to seek ways to curve the violence, improve the living standards of Norfolk citizens, and increase academic performance of our children, We seek peace. Justice is a biblical word that first appears in the Old Testament. The Hebrew word is tsedaqah and it means “rightness,” or the act of doing things right.

The word was used to define the ethical standards under which Hebrew society was to function. Tsedaqah is a relational word that defines the relationship between and among people and between people and God. A just society is one in which everyone is treated equally and with fairness. Social Justice is not just about making sure that people have more money and better education, rather it is about ensuring that our society is fair to everyone. A just society is one in which the values of our faith guide our treatment and response to all human beings. We seek a justice
society. Join us!

Pastor Guns

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